Po didn't keep her promise.

Have you caught the first toy train?

He never said it again.

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Do you want to get one of those?

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I'm a photographer.

My son entered high school.

Blaine, are you in there?

If you'd eat a bit less, you'd lose a few pounds.

Savages fear the appearance of a fierce wild beast.

Write your answers with a pencil.

These boots belong to her.


He was engaged in biological research.

You're not allowed to eat those.

I was right behind you.

Youth adapt to things more quickly than the elderly.

The optimist looks into a mirror and becomes more optimistic, the pessimist more pessimistic.

I can't decide which to choose.

Maybe we can help you.

Vance is working on that.

Nobody wants to buy a house in my country.

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Maybe I'll see you there.

Cory helped me along.

I'd like to speak to John Warner.


I'll stand.


I actually love my job.

They defused the bomb before it could blow up.

Dan hid the gun in a locker.

What you have said doesn't apply to you.

The sweat stood on his face.


I want Dion to come back.


My name doesn't appear on the list.

She has no idea what I intend to do.

The scent of lilacs is pervading the garden.

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Svante is the only one in our family who has ever been to Boston.

You're my good omen.

His appearance animated the party.

His wife leads him by the nose.

They did it for the money.


I take my tea without sugar.


My father used to say that money is not everything.

It's very late, so I should already be in bed.

Just see for yourself.


I hope they kick Ned out.

As long as you're here, I'll stay.

Somebody has to hurry and quickly drive her to the hospital.

I have been walking for over four hours.

This sentence isn't very interesting out of context.

Guard against accidents.

People call the sea the Mediterranean.

We have read.

Svante did poorly on the test.

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He has too much pride.


The change room over there is vacant.

A computer is an absolute necessity now.

It takes time to relax.

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Germany is introducing temporary border controls with Austria to reduce the number of migrants coming into the country.

The violet is violet.

List loves soccer.


She dried her eyes with my new sweatshirt.


I'll call at Mr Brown's house tomorrow.

The fog is getting thicker.

I'll fire Amos if I have to.

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Nobody is here.


Tango lives with a small boy in a little village.


I know how we can help.

How did you find out that Jin hadn't paid his bills?

Please lower your voice.

Could you please make room for me?

I'll tell her what I know.

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Chris downed the rest of his drink and left the bar.


I'm taking a fertility drug.

Lila is going to help us.

Please make some tea.


There is a high chance of precipitation.


Football was played in China in the second century.

Have you thought about what time of year you want to get married?

The typhoon is increasing in strength.

Do I look like a sucker?

I'm in China for less than a month.

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I'm being watched.

All who wander are not lost.

I'll go and get your coat.


I'm sure Naim won't do that.

How can I desert the fleet?

I will come earlier next time.

He had to work even on Sunday.

He's a humourless person.

That wasn't my intent.

Our soccer game will be postponed.

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How high is Mt. Fuji?

Even if I had enough money, I wouldn't buy one of those.

Lynn will probably succeed.

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He laughed a merry laugh.

They've helped the needy.

We want new ideas, not old ones.

There were not less than five passengers on the train.

Let's get rid of that one.

The Cathares in southern France were called Albigensians.

She did her homework.

Did you take your temperature with a thermometer in your mouth?

Do you ever go swimming?

You shouldn't answer your mother back like that when she scolds you.

What're you planning to do after you graduate from high school?

The land yields heavy crops.

What makes you so sure about that?


Please make yourself comfortable.


This drawing dates back to the fifteenth century.

Everybody falls in love at least once in their lives.

It's pure evil.

Love is when both love mutually. When one loves is a disease.

But meanwhile it flees: time flees irretrievably, while we wander around, prisoners of our love of detail.


A fantastic Norwegian fall is coming.

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They look happy today.

This student claimed authorship of an essay she clearly did not write.

You have good taste in clothes.


I wrote to them.

I'll give you as much time as you need.

Do you think Santa is responsible for what happened?

I've got people coming for dinner.

This book is chiefly concerned with the effects of secondhand smoking.

His acting is far from being perfect.

The dog growled at me.


He fell from the tree.


Piercarlo whistled again.

Thanks for coming.

There's something about this bookstore that just makes people want to come back again.

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I can't trust people like him.

Please, don't forget to close the door of the meeting room.

I can't believe you are eating something the doctor has told you repeatedly you shouldn't eat.


When should we tell them?


I don't get angry as often as I used to.


Mom, look what I found.

Get your things together.

His room's a mess.

Let's wait here until he comes back.

Did everyone have a good time?

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According to the UN, the world population exceeded 7 billion in October of the year 2011.

I'm from the city.

A meter is 100 centimeters.

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The more I study for an exam, the worse I do! I guess correlation does not imply causation.

You look radiant.

Hillel has a pure heart.


No, it is not a cat.


The crime of adultery was abolished in 1947.

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Can I see you for a sec?

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If a sentence doesn't sound natural, simply erase it from the list.


Are you still around?

Hienz took the wrong umbrella by mistake.

I know I can trust you to take good care of Joel.

I'm not a bot.

It's impossible to take on more work at the moment.


What can you see from your window?